Independence in Borna Style.

Unfortunately, a large number of disabled people including individuals suffering from spinal cord injury, paraplegia, traumatic brain injury, etc are exposed to physical and mental illnesses due to a sedentary and inactive lifestyle. Istaro, our newest technology, enables these people to sit, stand up and transfer independently and perform their active daily life without any help from others. Furthermore, Istaro increases their daily activity and improves morale which prevents secondary diseases and results in the reduction of therapeutic expenses.

Why Istaro?

• Get up, stand and sit independently

• Preventing osteoporosis

• Preventing muscle weakness and atrophy

• Improvement of circulatory system and preventing thrombus

• Preventing joints and muscle stiffness

• Preventing pressure ulcer

• Improvement of digestion system

• Preventing depression of the patient and his companions

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Istaro is designed to helps patients to easily get up, stand, move while standing, sit and do their routines independently. The obtained functional independency and increased mobility, can prevent many diseases and decrease treatment costs. For more information please download the catalogue.