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Istaro is a robot designed for people who have difficulty in standing and walking (like paraplegics) to help them stand on their own feet again.

Istaro Robot

Istaro robot has been designed to help individuals who aren't able to walk independently due to spinal cord injury(SCI), paraplegia,tetraplegia, brain stroke, muscle weakness. These people suffer from osteoporosis, high level of blood fat, digestive diseases, and atherosclerosis besides the mental illnesses as a consequence of reduced mobility. In this regard, the objective of BornaTech engineers’ team is to employ technology to make life more comfortable for paralysed people.

Istaro, is a special robot for individuals with limited mobility in lower extremities to help them stand up, move and sit independently. All people who have difficulty in walking can easily stand up, move and do their routines by this robot without the help of the others or a nurse. The goal of our team is to employ technology and improve the life quality of paralysed people (especially paraplegia).

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The engineering and perfect design of robot makes the individual to stand and sit completely balanced.


Safety software and hardware protocols of Istaro prevent from accidents.

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Features and Charecteristics

Max User Weight120
Max Speed5 Km/h
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